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Cut Bloated City Budgets

Paula Smith is fiscally conservative

Surprisingly, a record-setting 18 candidates are running for St George City Council. This indicates that there is widespread dissatisfaction among the populace. The people demand transparency, accountability, and representation from their elected officials, and it's time we deliver on those demands. As a candidate running for office, I share this vision, and I am committed to bringing the change our community deserves.

I have over a decade of financial accounting and auditing experience. I've reviewed our city budgets, past and current, and I can see the issues. The current St George city budget initially came in at $560 million, but they've got it "down" to $519 million, which is still 18 MILLION more than last year.

The incumbents were in office in 2019. In 2019 our population was 90k, and the budget was $353 million...10k more people and $166 million more? We have a SPENDING problem.

The council has already been informed that tax revenues and building permits are expected to decrease next year. As a result, residents should anticipate a tax increase for the upcoming year. The voters MUST take a stand. We must elect fiscally conservative candidates—

Elect Paula Smith to St George City Council. I support cutting waste and increasing transparency. I am here to hold the line for We The People. Learn more about my stances and views here.


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