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Campaign closer…the journey does not end

I began my campaign in December of 2022

It was at that moment that I resolved to take action. I dedicated the next several months to solidifying my decision. This year has been a journey filled with lessons and unforgettable experiences. While I was aware of the challenges our country faced, and I sensed troubles brewing within our city, the extent of the swamp was unexpected. The roots of corruption delve deep, forming an intricate network that extends farther than most comprehend. It's a slippery slope, as you can never unsee or unknow once you're awakened.

Awakened is a blessing and a curse. I am glad to understand but miss the blissful ignorance that friends and neighbors enjoy. I was that person. We were that family. We operated assuming everything was in order, trusting that our representatives were safeguarding our best interests. Our liberty. Campaigning shattered my rose-colored glasses of blissful ignorance.


Observing the level of unprofessionalism was eye opening. I anticipated an elected representative would demonstrate professional courtesy by reaching out to familiarize themselves with the candidates. While representatives from two other cities extended such courtesy, one fell short. No impartial actions were taken, and publicly exposing the polictical pocket was blatantly on display. You are carrying out the assignments of the northern dictator and paving your way into tyrannical territory. We see you and your pseudonym trolls. I'm talking to you…one L.

A representative instructed a supporter to refrain from aiding me and then proceeded to invent details, falsely insuinuating familiarity with me. Ironically, I've never even spoken to this representative, let alone shared my beliefs or personal details. Subsequently, this representative penned a seemingly virtuous yet self-serving narrative about receiving damaging information regarding someone else and expressing relief for not believing it, as it was proven false. Ironically, the source of that information was the same person—YOU. Your perspective is so warped that you're oblivious to the realization that you are the perpetrator you write about. If you're going to fire a shot, at least know your target (anticipate the richochet). Be honest, though; it was never about the target. It was to further your agenda.

I'm talking to you G-money-hungry.

Newspapers published "my views" without ever communicating with me. Their content was inaccurate, shaped by assumptions about my thoughts based on something they observed—or worse—something someone else said.

It is ridiculous for them to presume that I hold the same viewpoint as an acquaintance and completely neglect their responsibility to publish accurate information. I did reach out to correct one reporter, and they did make a correction on that particular piece; however, subsequent articles returned to inaccuracies.

I purposely avoided specifying certain events, but these self-proclaimed "journalists" wrongly attributed opinions and stances on those events or individuals to me. How does one assert knowledge without engaging with the source? This is more accurately characterized as gossip or assumptions, and "journalism" does not appropriately apply to these keyboard jockeys. You are the problem, and you are a stain on the fabric, which is our First Amendment. I'm talking to you, Left Leaning-T, and you, Tiny D.

Does the corrupt, money-driven, and power-hungry behavior that I've become awakened to, resembling a cancer within the community, make me better or make me worse for knowing? I'm uncertain. What I do know is that it makes me stronger. It makes me wiser. It provides clarity on the kind of person I aspire to be and the kind of person I actively choose not to become. It makes me aware of what needs to be done.

How do we right the ship? The founders understood. They foresaw this day approaching, delivering the Republic with the cautionary note, "If we can keep it." It has endured prolonged assaults. Recognizing that change couldn't come from external forces, some have worked from within to dismantle and undermine. While many representatives entered with noble intentions, the allure of power, wealth, and favors has blackened their souls. Some remain oblivious, while others may deceive themselves into believing they are pursuing the right path, aspiring to leave a positive legacy. They shape the future and, paradoxically, contribute to the problem.

Allow me to redirect the focus to the positive aspects. Positivity not only exists but also exceeds and outshines all negativity, imbuing my entire being and perspective with heightened faith, inspiration, and devotion. A community of fearless, positive, united, and awakened individuals prevails – PATRIOTS.

Isolated on the proverbial campaign battlefield, I found myself alone, when a voice of encouragement reached my ears. As I turned toward the voice, I discovered a legion of inspiration surrounding me, offering support in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. This support embodied a range of aspects and emotions. Numerous individuals contributed more than I can fully grasp, creating a profoundly humbling experience. The warmth and strength drawn from this collective support is immeasurable. I want to convey my deepest gratitude for embracing me, assisting me, and standing by my side in our fight. I am thankful for your kindness, for lending an ear, for believing in me, even during moments of self-doubt. I may never fully be able to express the profound impact you've had on my life. Our journey isn't finished. We did not lose. The journey does not end; the path forward changes.

I am talking to you, Supporters.

I'm talking to you, Awakened.

I'm talking to you, Superior Second L

I'm talking to you, Seattle

I'm talking to you, Dream Team

I'm talking to you, Wingman.

Paula Smith


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