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"A Republic, If You Can Keep It"

Benjamin Franklin

Across the nation, Americans are being silenced. Leaders have transformed into rulers, and the extent of the overreach is immeasurable. We have local officials using their power for political and personal overreach. And gain.
Isn't it odd that instead of providing information or facts to counter those they believe are spreading misinformation, they opt to silence the media, thereby maintaining control over communication and the people?
We must continue to speak. Ask questions. Demand accountability.

Do not fear differing opinions; be wary of hand-picked candidates because they will agree. These individuals will further the ongoing expansion of tyranny.

Stand Up. Vote.

Paula Smith

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Explore the local scene, here in Southern Utah. If you're a resident looking to engage more actively, discover events that promote patriotism with a Conservative leaning. Check out what's happening around town.


2024 marks an election year, urging us to stay informed about the candidates vying to represent the people of Utah. I will share my perspective on candidates I have personally vetted and those for whom I intend to vote.

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